Experienced Family Law Attorney – Working For You

If you’re being faced with divorce or have an important family law matter that needs to get resolved right away then you need to get an experienced family law attorney working for you. It’s important that you understand how to best protect your interests from an emotionally distraught spouse so that you can help to safe guard your assets and protect your relationship with your kids. You can only do that if you have an attorney who knows the “ins and outs” of family law and will give your case the time and attention it needs. Ending your marriage and matters that impact your kids’ future need to be given the highest importance so you want an attorney who is focused on helping you get the outcome that you want. Here at the Law Offices of Stephen M North, we’re dedicated to helping you through this process and being responsive and sensitive to your needs and schedule.

Divorce and Dissolution

Getting divorced is a decision that can leave you financially unstable and impact your future relationship with your kids if not handled effectively. Don’t make the mistake of not hiring an expert. With over a decade of experience in family law, we can help you navigate the divorce pitfalls and protect your future.

Spousal and Child Support

Both spousal and child support are calculated based upon income, employment and a variety of others factors so it’s important that you get help from a divorce attorney who can help you get the best possible outcome.

Child Custody

At the heart of child custody is what is in the child’s “best interest” so you need an attorney that will help put you in the most favorable light possible and help protect your child from the drama of your divorce case. Your child deserves having you in their life, so make sure you get an attorney who will help fight for you and the future of your child.